Jenta is a slum community located in the heart of the city of Jos, Nigeria.

Crime, drug abuse, and gangsterism are common problems that plague the community. The absence of basic social amenities like motor access roads, adequate water supply, electricity, and health facilities only compound the community’s issues. 

Before the early days of settlement and the discovery of massive tin deposits in Jos which would see a large country-wide migration of miners Jenta was a cemetery. It was later divided into three sub-communities as the population of the region increased: Jenta Adamu, Jenta Makeri, and Jenta Mangoro. 

The land here is extremely arid and provides the community’s residents with little to no access to clean, safe, drinking water. The only available water can be found in stagnant pools peppered around the slum’s dry and rocky footpaths. 

Jenta is in desperate need of radical intervention. 

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